Beat your Renewal Quote Promotion Terms and Conditions

Important information for online quotes:

If you have obtained an online energy supply quote on ENGIE’s business quotation website, in order to take advantage of the Beat Your Renewal Quote Promotion you will need to call our sales team on 0800 049 9601, quoting the Promotion Code.

  1. The Promoter. The Promoter is ENGIE Power Limited (company number 04236804) & ENGIE Gas Limited (company number 03814495) (“ENGIE”, we/us) whose registered address is No 1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 1BE.
  2. Promotion Details. We will aim to beat a quotation for the forecast annual cost of any like-for-like valid fixed electricity or gas initial renewal offer (as set out in clause 3 below), based on your demonstrable annual consumption, which you provide to us in accordance with clause 3 below. Where the offer is verified and we decide not to offer a lower priced plan, we will pay £100 to you subject to the following terms (the Promotion).
  3. Proof of your energy quotation from your existing supplier. We will require you to quote the promotion code (the Promotion Code) contained in the direct marketing communication which we sent you when you call our sales team. We will then need to see the original competing initial renewal offer/quotation in writing either by letter or email issued by your existing supplier with the account reference number displayed - please provide this to the relevant sales agent handling your enquiry. The contract start date of the offer/quotation must be within 90 days of the date on the renewal letter or email which you provide to us.
  4. Comparison. We will review the offer you have exhibited together with the information you provide to us such as your annual consumption as well as any additional costs or charges you will pay in the competing offer over the contract period, for example distribution/transportation costs, VAT, Climate Change Levy (CCL) and government environmental charges or costs. If the offer you exhibit is for a two or three year term, we will use the same annual consumption for each year.
  5. Eligibility criteria for Promotion. The Promotion is not available to existing ENGIE customers currently on contract with us. The Promotion is only available to small and medium enterprises (SME) that use less than 500,000kWh of electricity or 293,000kWh of gas per year. Each business can only apply once. Offers obtained through third party intermediaries will not be considered for comparison and shall be ineligible for the purposes of this Promotion. Any offer of a supply contract from ENGIE is subject to a satisfactory credit check. The Promotion is limited to a maximum of £100 per customer regardless of the number of sites or the fuel type supplied.
  6. Closing date. The Promotion is available until 31st December 2020.
  7. Eligibility for Payment. If we choose not to offer a price lower than that quoted in writing by your existing Supplier and we are satisfied: (i) with the validity of the documentation you have provided from your existing supplier and (ii) you meet the eligibility criteria, both as set out above, then we will send you £100 by cheque made out to your business name within 45 days of the date when we confirm to you that we will be paying this sum In order to claim the £100 we require you to provide valid recipient details for the cheque .  If the payment has not been received within 45 days of confirmation, then please contact us. Please note that no interest shall be payable on late payment, and no value added tax shall be paid on the £100 sum.
  8. Restrictions and Limitations. The Promotion is limited to potential customers whom we have selected to receive our direct marketing and is only available if you can provide the Promotion Code detailed in the letter we sent to you pursuant to clause 3 above. The Promotion is available to UK mainland customers only.