Case Study: Cedri Roberts

Cedri Roberts joined on an Electrical, Control and Instrumental Craft Apprenticeship attending Uniper Engineering Academy.

What has been your biggest achievement throughout your apprenticeship? 

The biggest achievement of my apprenticeship was gaining my Level 3 Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, which was achieved through my strong work ethic. Gaining the qualification has helped with my professional development within the company and helped me to be become a valuable member of the team. My hard work led to me being nominated for apprentice of the year, which was a big achievement and showed me that my determination had paid off.  

Personally, what do you believe the benefits of doing an apprenticeship are? 

I believe the benefits of an apprenticeship are that you gain a qualification whilst getting paid and gaining hands on experience. The combination of skills learnt at work, through working with experienced colleagues and going to college helped me integrate seamlessly within the workforce. My colleagues demonstrated and explained how the theory learnt underpins my day to day role.

Cedri Roberts
Why did you choose to take up an apprenticeship? 

I wanted to do an apprenticeship since I was 14 after completing work experience at Ffestiniog power station. Ever since that week I have wanted to work within the utilities sector and I felt an apprenticeship was the best way to get into it. It provided the qualification and real world experience without the costs of going to university.

What advice would you give to new apprentices and managers thinking of taking up an apprentice?

My advice to an apprentice would be to commit yourself 100% to the theory and your on-site time, as the more effort you put in the more mangers will give back to you. This will help you to build their trust and therefore get more involved with new projects that will help progress your career.