Case Study: Lloyd Pearson

Lloyd Pearson joined on a Business Administration Apprenticeship attending Wakefield College.

What has been your biggest achievement throughout your apprenticeship? 

My biggest achievement in the apprenticeship would be my work with signage, the ‘Sign Shop’. I learnt to effectively deal and communicate with manufacturers and helped to manage other sub-contractor relationships. I also introduced the new operating model which had previously received multiple complaints from different clients. Since the new model has been in place I have received a compliment from a client about my work, which made me realise the successful impact that I have had.

Personally, what do you believe the benefits of doing an apprenticeship are? 

One benefit of an apprenticeship is that it has led to me having a wide variety of exposure to different parts of Wakefield’s contract, including cleaning, mobilisation, fleet, signage and gaining finance. I now have a wider understanding of what the company offers and have seen many different aspects which I might not have been able to do if I hadn’t taken up an apprenticeship. My apprenticeship and recognised qualification has provided me with new development opportunities within the business and I have progressed in my career.

Another benefit of starting an apprenticeship was that I was able to get involved with the apprentices’ away week that ENGIE offered. This was a great way for me to network with many other apprentice’s in the same position as myself.

Why did you choose to take up an apprenticeship? 

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I liked applying what I learnt in college to real life situations and gained experience in an operational environment. I was involved in handling a wide variety of difficult situations and was able to throw myself in the ‘deep end’ and really push myself.

Lloyd Pearson

What advice would you give to new apprentices or managers thinking of taking up an apprentice? 

My advice to new apprentices joining the business is to take everything in your stride and learn to adapt to situations. The experience gained in your apprenticeship will help you with your future career and learn to adapt to difficult situations not previously experienced.

For managers, my advice would be to give them enough support whilst also trusting them with responsibility, so they can push themselves. It also lets you see their potential, their strengths and their development needs.

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