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What does the scheme involve:

You will be helping one of the world’s leading energy companies deal with the biggest changes in the energy industry in the last 100 years. ENGIE in the UK is leading the way for the generation of local sustainable energy production in our ever increasing smart and connected cities and communities. For this new looking energy sector we are looking for well rounded, innovative and driven individuals to join us. 

You will be developed into the energy managers of the future, with possible career paths in multiple parts of our energy divisions. Over four placements you could be supporting our Renewables team in driving the construction of the next solar park, onshore windfarm or energy storage site; helping our urban energy team transform our cities by delivering heating, cooling and power in our growing number of district t energy schemes; or you could be working with our Energy Efficiency team to support our customers realise the exciting and innovative ways in which ENGIE can deliver carbon and cost savings across their estates.

You will be a great problem solver, team player and have a good technical or business  degree. You will show a passion for working in the energy sector and a desire to work in a customer facing role.

You will have a structured programme that will span many sectors within our Energy Solutions and Energy Infrastructure Divisions– giving an unrivalled understanding of how we deliver our services. There will also be an opportunity during one of your placements to experience our Services Division to understand how we are changing the market place and delivering Energy and Services together.

During the programme we will work with you to develop your ongoing career aspirations and help you to organise your permanent role at the end of the scheme

Our Energy Leaders are the at the forefront of our business, delivering innovation solutions to our communities and customers; by people, for people

You will gain experience over the duration of the scheme of:

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