Our People

Hear from some of our current graduates to get a taste of what the scheme has to offer:

Matthew Vaughan – Current Graduate

What have I learnt so far on ENGIE’s Graduate Scheme? – To approach all tasks and projects with an open mind, as everything that I have done on the Graduate scheme has developed some aspect of my skills. I have also had the opportunity to develop a network as quickly as possible and utilise that effectively, as all employees and leaders within ENGIE are always eager to offer a helping hand or some advice.  

What is it like to work for ENGIE? – I have worked for the company since 2017, firstly as an apprentice and now as a Graduate Trainee. ENGIE have devoted a lot of time and effort into my personal and professional development since my first day and they have continued to support me throughout. This is helping me develop my skills which hopefully enhances my chances of a future leadership role. I couldn’t speak any higher of the company and the dedicated employees who have given me the opportunity to develop. 


Chelsea McCulloch – Current Graduate

As a graduate, I have been actively encouraged to look beyond what ENGIE currently does as a business by thinking about what the future looks like, which enabled me to come up with innovative ideas, some of which are now being explored by the business. I’ve been given the right level of support in my placement while also being able to take ownership of challenging projects which has had an impact across the business and stretched my capabilities. The placement managers, graduate scheme managers and the cohort of graduates have all been unbelievably supportive which has allowed me to have real guidance in my journey to achieving my goals.

ENGIE as a whole is a caring workplace which has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, where I have been involved in the networks of Women in ENGIE and the RISE network. As a woman in the engineering world with mixed heritage, I have felt welcomed and empowered by the work of the networks and believe that I can achieve success within ENGIE.


Naomi Getzler – Current Graduate


So far, my experience of the graduate scheme has been really motivating to see the work done by ENGIE to enable the transition to zero carbon. My first placement was in the Energy and Carbon Solutions team where I learnt how to manage an environmental reporting project, the different carbon legislations that ultimately help reduce emissions and I was also involved in energy efficiency projects. The most beneficial aspect of the scheme so far is that you are given a lot of responsibility on projects which helps you develop your management and leadership skill set.



Peyi Adepoju – Current Graduate


What I like about being a part of the ENGIE graduate scheme is the different opportunities available, that allow you to build your network whilst pushing yourself to learn and develop your skills further. Also, working with people that are constantly willing to help and provide guidance when needed has been key for myself. It’s been an amazing experience so far! 




Harry Askew – Current Graduate


My experience of the graduate scheme has been exciting and varied. The scheme launches you into the world of Facilities Management. I’ve worked in the Places and Communities sector of the company for my first placement, this part of the company deals with local council contracts servicing everything from public buildings such as theatres and town halls to thousands of social housing buildings. I’ve had the opportunity to take ownership of tasks and direct my own development in a very positive way. I’m looking forward to taking on my next placement where I’ll be looking at project managing a decarbonisation project in Cheshire.


Hear from some of our ex-graduates:

"ENGIE is a company made of people with a genuine interest in your development as a professional and as a person. My first placement was in Healthcare and Education, working on a vast contract involving 89 public schools in Stoke on Trent. I helped out with the day-to-day issues that the Service business faces and understanding and improving the management process. ENGIE have always made me feel welcomed, my fondest memory is from my first day when a manager took the time to introduce me to the whole office and each of them were engaged and happy to meet me, and that meant a lot. I’ve been able to go out with our engineers and understand their day-to-day job and how it can be improved in efficiency and wellbeing. I enjoy working at ENGIE because the people are some of the most knowledgeable, caring, welcoming and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure to work with." – Valentina Di Nard


"The ability to develop yourself is constantly backed by the Early Careers Team, who give you the confidence to reach as far as you dare. Every suggestion is considered, whether provoked by an aspect of the scheme, or equally just a thought on the train home. My ideas have developed to yield tangible results that have been recognised by the business. I have worked with senior managers at ENGIE who progressed from the graduate scheme, which gives a great range of training and opportunities to develop. I am proud to represent ENGIE at careers fairs, where my fellow graduates are always so passionate.  During my time on the scheme, I have been lucky to have some fantastic highlights – from managing over 250 people on my first placement, to presenting to the UK CEO and Executive Board as part of a project to raise funds for the Prince’s Trust.  The Early Careers Team have built a scheme that encourages this kind of experience, which is not available from most other companies. The standout achievements of our graduates are often commented upon – which would not have been possible were it not for the continual dedication of the Early Careers Team. I am part of something special and proud of where I am in the company, however I certainly did not get here alone. I will always be thankful for the impact they have had on me, both personally and professionally." – Jonathan Hill


"ENGIE is a diverse company full of new and exciting opportunities. It appealed to me as customers come first, whilst remaining ethically responsible. My roles were brilliant, ENGIE offer an incredible amount of support via a mentor and a graduate buddy. The Early Careers Team have absolutely transformed the scheme into what it is today, which is truly amazing and allowed the graduates to get to know each other and become good friends. My favourite moment was definitely going down the Orbit slide at Olympic Park. Seeing everyone don silly hats and arm guards – and hearing the odd scream – was definitely a bonding experience. I thoroughly enjoy working with ENGIE as everyone in the office comes in with a smile. The support given by The Early Careers Team is amazing, they support you both in your role and in your personal development whilst keeping things light with the odd joke here and there. Since I have joined the company there has never been a dull moment." – Amy Myatt


"I had never heard of ENGIE and had no major drive to work for the company. This changed after meeting The Early Careers Team as it became clear how down to earth, friendly and welcoming the company is. I will be forever grateful that they saw something in me and offered me my dream graduate role. I wanted the summer months of 2017 to go quicker so that I could start my new, incredibly exciting job with ENGIE. I could not have asked for a better first role working in green mobility and strategy, which allowed me to develop a greater understanding of interesting topics and has given me a voice on how to shape the company’s strategy. I have worked with great people in the strategy and comms team, who been extremely welcoming to me. From induction week to Integrate One in Paris, there have been innumerable unforgettable moments at ENGIE which I will treasure forever. However, meeting and befriending so many incredible people has been my highlight so far, and one which I had not predicted. I love working for ENGIE, and the incredible amount of support from The Early Careers Team. The past couple of months have been some of the best and I cannot wait for what the future holds moving forward and progressing in this company, always learning and always trying to improve." – Jack Pierrepoint


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