Innovation is a fundamental part of our business. We look to source and develop new ideas that deliver innovative services and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our approach in the UK

We anticipate the future needs of our customers.  We are not afraid to disrupt traditional thinking. We encourage a creative and entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do.

In the UK, there are four areas where innovation is a focus.

Infrastructure Investments

Focuses on our ongoing development in certain key markets including offshore wind, energy storage, green gas and roof top solar.

Integration of Energy & Services

Provide focus around some key areas including Smart Buildings, Buildings as a Service, Corporate PPAs and other data led services. These services coupled with an evolving delivery model, will provide a single view for our customers.

Connected Home & Business

Key areas of development include digital platforms, white label partnerships and the roll out of battery, rooftop PV and other connected technology solutions.

Community Services

Major focus for innovation within our business, and spans regeneration, retirement living and integrated energy solutions, as well as the development of Smart Government services.

ENGIE favours entrepreneurial creativity and close connections to innovative ecosystems that contribute to the Group’s long-term development.  To achieve this aim, ENGIE works in collaboration with a range of partners, including Universities and the SME community.  In some cases, ENGIE also invests using its ‘ENGIE New Ventures’ Corporate Venture Capital fund, which has already made 17 investments in start-ups, totalling £57m so far.

Call for Projects

The ability to innovate requires the ability to listen, promote and support entrepreneurs inside and outside the Group. ENGIE pursues an open innovation policy involving calls for projects linked to the above focus areas.  This approach enables us to respond to specific needs and to co-create new solutions in collaboration with our customers and supply chain partners.

ENGIE & Innovate UK Clean Growth Innovation Fund

ENGIE has partnered with Innovate UK to seek out and fund innovative projects that can speed up the development of a sustainable energy transition. The £4 million fund will be used to invest in innovative projects that decarbonise, digitise and decentralise energy, and help achieve a sustainable transition to cleaner energy. Find out more here.