Enfield residents receive ground breaking heat system

Work has officially started to deliver England’s largest Ground Source Heat Pump system in Enfield, which will reduce emissions and heating bills for 400 households.

Work has officially started to deliver England’s largest Ground Source Heat Pump system in Enfield, which will reduce emissions and heating bills for 400 households.

ENGIE (formerly Keepmoat Regeneration), has been appointed to deliver the revolutionary project in partnership with contractors Kensa, which specialise in Ground Source Heat Pump Energy systems, on eight blocks of flats across two estates in Enfield.

All 400 residents across the eight blocks can take advantage of a new and efficient heating system, which will see them benefit from between 30-50% savings on their heating bills each year.  The purpose of a heat pump is to use pipes that are buried underground to extract heat and stored solar energy.  It absorbs low grade heat in one place then releases it to another location, where it can be used to provide hot water and central heating.

With two thirds of the heating provided sourced from the ground for free, residents in Enfield will effectively only be paying for a third of their heating, which will help to improve the quality of lives.  The boreholes which are dug in the ground also carry a 100 year guarantee and the ground source pump which is installed to each flat has a 25 year guarantee, meaning residents can take advantage of the new system indefinitely.

Simon Lacey, Regional Managing Director for ENGIE, said: “Our expertise in wide scale regeneration and energy projects, coupled with Kensa’s extensive experience in providing a quarter of the country’s underground heat pump systems, will ensure this project will be delivered in a seamless manner with outstanding results.

“We’re at that time of year where utility bills are more expensive, so it feels very relevant to be starting work on this pioneering project, which will help to make heating more affordable for Enfield residents.”

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Business, Cllr Alan Sitkin, said: “Enfield Council is very happy to be working with innovators such as ENGIE and Kensa Heat Pumps to deliver effective and pioneering services to our residents. This innovative solution provides warmth and hot water at much reduced cost; harnessing natural heat and of course reducing carbon emissions. We are proud of the work we have done to create a more Sustainable Enfield, where a series of investments will help to save money, energy and carbon. ”

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Housing Regeneration, Cllr Ahmet Oykener, said: “Not only is this a significant step in delivering efficient energy solutions to several homes, it’s also pocket friendly, making it a win-win for all. I am extremely proud of the developments at two of our estates providing comfortable, warm and environmentally friendly housing to our residents, thereby creating stronger residential neighbourhoods and communities in Enfield.”

Digging on the first 52 boreholes started at the end of last year and the project has an anticipated completion date of October 2018.  The project is funded through Energy Company Obligations (ECO) Scheme and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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