ENGIE begins consultation for landmark Rugeley redevelopment

ENGIE, the leading energy and services group, today announces that it will retain ownership and a long-term interest in the 139-hectare brownfield Rugeley Power Station site and has begun the public consultation phase for its landmark redevelopment.

As master developer, ENGIE will combine its unique combination of capabilities in energy, services and regeneration, to lead the transformation of the former 1GW coal fired power station site into an entirely new sustainable and smart community.

The planned mixed used development has the potential to include more than 2,000 new low carbon homes, including later living communities, as well as a substantial number of commercial buildings.  ENGIE is targeting that a minimum of 30% of the new homes created on the site will constitute affordable housing. 

In line with ENGIE’s commitment to energy efficiency and decarbonisation it is envisaged that, once redeveloped, the Rugeley site could be entirely maintained by green/renewable energy, up to 50% of which could be generated on site.

The proposed redevelopment of Rugeley also aligns with ENGIE’s wider strategy to assist local authorities, cities and communities with placemaking. ENGIE works alongside them to shape the future use of their estates and public spaces - supporting with planning, design and management - to improve the lives of those who use them.

To realise Rugeley’s potential to be one of the lowest carbon mixed use developments of its size in the UK, ENGIE will look to use a number of innovative technologies and community energy solutions, including onsite renewable energy generation and smart homes which incorporate battery and solar PV solutions.

The regeneration of Rugeley Power Station will be the first time a major UK energy company will lead the repurposing of one of its own sites.  The project aims to deliver substantial benefits for the local economy, including the potential for significant job creation during the redevelopment phase and long-term employment through creation of commercial space.

Commenting on the announcement Wilfrid Petrie, ENGIE CEO UK & Ireland, said

“Today’s announcement is an exciting step forward for the redevelopment of a former coal fired power station. ENGIE’s decision to retain ownership and lead the repurposing of the site builds on our track record of going beyond energy and confirms our position at the forefront of the UK’s transition towards lower carbon, more energy efficient development.”

We are pleased to be committing to continuing our long-term presence at Rugeley and look forward to engaging with the local community to shape the next chapter of the site together. Our ambition is to create a new landmark in place making and sustainable living. We hope that our plans will help to stimulate the local economy and be an enabler of investment into future growth for the area.”

ENGIE, alongside architects JTP are holding a Community Planning Weekend in Rugeley from Friday 30 November to Tuesday 04 December 2018. Further details can be found here. Following the completion of the public consultation phase for the development, it is expected that ENGIE will begin the pre-planning for the development in March 2019.

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