ENGIE Group announces 2017 annual results

8th March 2018

ENGIE has announced its 2017 annual results. The Group has successfully repositioned its portfolio, laying the foundations for future growth.

Today the portfolio is less exposed to market risks, cleaner and more profitable. Full year 2017 results are in line with the Group’s objectives: a net recurring income, Group share of EUR 2.6 billion[1] and a significant reduction of the net financial debt. For 2018, a sustained organic growth[2] is expected in comparison with 2017, as well as a higher dividend (+ 7.1%).

Key Figures:

  • Revenues: EUR 65 billion, up 0.3% on a reported basis and 1.7% on an organic basis, vs. 2016.
  • EBITDA: EUR 9.3 billion, down 1.8% on a reported basis but up 5.3% on an organic basis.
  • Net recurring income, Group share: EUR 2.6 billion[1]; net income, Group share: EUR 1.4 billion, both strongly increasing vs. 2016.
  • Net debt: EUR 20.9 billion[3], i.e. EUR – 2.1 billion vs. 2016Financial Data:





[1] NRIgs excluding IFRS 5 treatment for E&P, i.e. excluding the D&A upside (EUR 0.1 billion) from IFRS 5 accounting treatment (ENGIE E&P International business classified as “discontinued operations”), therefore underlying contribution of of E&P of EUR 0.2 billion.
[2] Organic variation: gross variation without scope and foreign exchange impacts.
[3] Net debt is pro forma E&P intercompany debt, whereas reported net debt amounts to EUR 22.5 bn in 2017.


View the full press release here.