ENGIE helps to drive EV uptake in North East

Through a joint programme between ENGIE and the Innovation SuperNetwork, businesses in the North East of England are being given the opportunity to win funding for developing ways of increasing the uptake of electric vehicles.

Four successful businesses will each be awarded a grant of £20,000 through the Electric Vehicle Innovation Accelerator programme.

In delivering the programme, ENGIE and the Innovation SuperNetwork are working closely with Newcastle City Council and the North East Joint Transport Committee. This initiative follows on from an earlier project to establish a network of electric vehicle ‘filling stations’ in Sunderland and Newcastle.

The Electric Vehicle Innovation Accelerator programme has been introduced to find ways to overcome barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles. Both established businesses and new start-ups are eligible to apply for a grant.

Councillor Martin Gannon, Chair of the North East Joint Transport Committee, explained: “We need to encourage more people to make the shift away from diesel and petrol vehicles to cleaner, greener electric versions but first we need to overcome some of the barriers that are preventing this.”

The programme and the first wave of challenges will be introduced at a workshop on Monday 25th March, hosted by ENGIE and the SuperNetwork, at the Urban Sciences Building at Newcastle Helix.

A second wave of the programme will be launched in June 2019.

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