Innovation, RPA and leadership at OPEX Week Europe

12th May 2017

London hosted Opex Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit on 25th – 27th April, bringing together 50 industry leading practitioners to talk about the most pressing topics in today’s operational environment. 

Martin Ruane, Programme Director for robotic process automation (RPA) at ENGIE, was one of the key note speakers sharing ENGIE’s RPA experience with over 200 business transformation leaders. Martin talked about the best approach to optimise operations using RPA and also chaired a discussion group on identifying the best processes to automate.

Martin commented: ”The conference was a great opportunity to network, gain insight into the RPA industry and get different perspectives on driving innovation and operational excellence. The RPA market is getting very competitive with different vendors launching aggressive new models.  Work Fusion has launched free RPA software, Automation Anywhere a pay-as-you-go service, and Uipath a free training academy.  As a Centre of Excellence we will certainly be investigating these.”

Watch Martin’s interview at OPEX Week Europe

Highlights from the conference included:

Michael Natusch, Global Head of AI for Prudential, provided an interesting insight into artificial intelligence and how well tagged data and feedback loops are crucial.

Paul Taylor from the Body-Brain Performance Institute presented on driving effective change using insights from neuroscience, including how the brain responds to change and strategies for avoiding the fight or flight response mode.  He had the audience jogging on the spot as part of his DDR (Discharge, Recharge and Reframe) to tackle highly stressful situations; a short bit of vigorous exercise followed by box breathing (used by special forces) and then thinking positively about the situation.

Oliver Rees, Co-Founder of Hook, discussed innovation and how innovators should focus on learning from failure, collaborate early and be open and transparent.  He did a walk-through of a number of digital collaborative tools, including, a website that captures all newly launched digital products. 

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