The journey to net zero transport for NHS Trusts

8th December 2020

The NHS has made bold, ambitious and admirable targets in its quest to become the worlds first net zero carbon national health service by 2040. The journey will inevitably be complex and multi-faceted – but with support from innovative private sector organisations, it’s more than achievable.

We have been working closely with several NHS Trust clients across the country to offer viable solutions which will aid the transition and one of the key concerns that is consistently identified is electric vehicles. 

As energy, services and EV specialists, we have compiled a simple roadmap which demonstrates a clear path to net zero transport. 

1.  Establish the baseline

2.  Staff charging points

3.  Public charging points 

4.  Electrifying the fleet

5.  Turnkey back office solution

6.  Access to funding, grants and schemes 

7.  Energy supply

 For further information or support to implement an EV charging system, please email