Supplier Relationship Management

Given the diverse range of products and services ENGIE can need from its Suppliers on any given day, week or year, we engage with a large and equally diverse supplier base. 

To help ensure we engage with and support each of our suppliers appropriately this segmentation model is used by ENGIE in the UK and across the ENGIE Group Companies. 

The level of engagement we have with you, and the commitment we ask from you in return, is dependent on the segment you fall within. 

Indicatively, we would work with:

The following FREE resources are available to all our suppliers.  Those who we classify as strategic, preferred, major or critical will be contacted by our procurement team to participate in:


Join the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN) enabling you to take control of reaching your existing and potential customers right across ENGIE and then receive payment to terms from us by:


Register and achieve “bronze”, “silver” then “gold” membership of the UK FM industry’s collaborative Supply Chain Sustainability School – of which ENGIE is a founding member. 


Contribute to case studies, provide quotations, or share experiences that can be published on our exclusive CIPS Knowledge Partnership page for Facilities Management –