The Supply Chain Sustainability School for Facilities Management

Sustainability represents both significant challenges and opportunities for UK industry.   We are more sustainability-focussed, our customers are demanding more sustainable practices, our stakeholders are exerting more pressure and legislation is becoming increasingly stringent. The desire for a greener, ethical and more sustainable supply chain is greater than ever.  

In 2009 approximately 43% of the UK’s carbon emissions came from buildings.  In addition poor waste management and inefficient use of resources can result in sustainability impacts; they are also of course where we all work, live and play.  As a group, the UK FM sector is involved in maintaining these assets and we need to embrace the sustainability agenda, or simply risk losing out to our competitors. 

The FM Sustainability School represents a collaborative sector approach to developing sustainability competence in our shared supply chain.  ENGIE was one of nine founding members of the School for FM during 2013 and was there for the launch – www.supplychainschool/FM – in January 2015.  The School is a managed independently by Action Sustainability and is available as a FREE resource to any supplier. 

Supplier Registration and progress through the Supply Chain School for FM is a key driver of our continued commitment to be a leader within the industry toward a brighter, more sustainable future.  All our suppliers are able to, and those suppliers with whom we work most closely will be asked to.