EV Solutions - Havant Borough Council

Havant Borough Council wanted to encourage the switch to electric vehicles to reduce the area’s carbon footprint and improve air quality. ChargePoint Services partnered to provide three new 50kW+ rapid charging across Havant to enable residents and visitors to the area to charge quickly and efficiently using the GeniePoint Network.

Alex Bamberg, managing director, ChargePoint Services, said. “We are highly focussed on supporting local councils in their efforts to provide infrastructure to facilitate the change to electric vehicle transportation in their area. With each additional local authority providing this critical service, the GeniePoint Network spreads even further across the UK providing access to the UK’s fast growing, reliable rapid charging network”.

Jane Devlin, Energy Strategy Manager for Havant Borough Council, said. “Delivering public-facing electric vehicle infrastructure is crucial if we are to see the switch away from polluting petrol & diesel vehicles. Not everyone can have a charger at home, so making these chargers accessible in council-owned car parks with a competitive tariff opens up the possibility of owning an electric vehicle to more people. The three locations in Havant Borough Council will help make the switch to an electric car or van a realistic and cost-effect option.”

To use the new chargers, residents and visitors will need to join the free GeniePoint Network prior to connecting their vehicles. Once signed up, the GeniePoint Network offers a competitive tariff of £0.30p/kWh, plus £1.00 connection fee.