EV Solutions - Torridge District Council, North Devon

Torridge District Council are a forwarding thinking, action based local authority, and their aim is to be carbon neutral by 2030. Encouraging residents to purchase electric vehicles is part of enabling them to achieve that goal.

The provision of easy to use, reliable charging facilities is designed to motivate the take-up of EVs in the area, both for residents and local businesses, demonstrating EVs are a cost effective, convenient and beneficial asset to their community, their business and to themselves reducing pollution and improving air quality.

ChargePoint Services worked alongside the council to link them to the national GeniePoint Network. Four GeniePoint rapid chargers have been installed at strategic locations across the area, ensuring drivers living and working in Torridge, visiting the area or just passing through, have easy access to reliable, rapid electric vehicle charging facilities.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services team, said. “We recognise that managing the transition to electric powered transport requires investment and cooperation across multiple industries. The recent acquisition of ChargePoint Services by ENGIE gives us the strength and capability to meet the needs of the explosive EV infrastructure requirements across the UK, and we are working hard with our chosen partners to provide this facility nationally and become the number one provider of electric vehicle charging across the UK.”

Councillor Bob Hicks, Leader Member for the Economy, said. “The Council have chosen to install this technology as we recognise and understand the importance of creating an infrastructure capable of supporting the rise in popularity in electric vehicles. The arrangements we have in place will allow us the flexibility to adapt our approach as the technology advances. The publically accessible and popular locations mean that both visitors and residents will have a convenient option to recharge their vehicles while visiting local shops and leisure facilities at the same time. It is no secret that finances are tight in Local Government at present and partnering with ChargePoint Services helped provide a cost neutral implementation option. Being able to deploy the latest technology allowing two cars to be charged at once to 80% full in 30 minutes was also attractive.”

Drivers are offered free parking whilst using the chargers, and following the installation Torridge DC have received a plethora of positive comments from the public. The GeniePoint Network chargers have provided a physical presence to help promote the use of sustainable vehicles, and as more residents see that electric vehicles aren’t as inconvenient as they first believed, they foresee ownership of electric vehicles undoubtedly continuing to rise in the Torridge area.