Lidl Supermarket Stockton

Supermarket chain Lidl appointed ENGIE to design, develop and construct one of their new stores, providing a modern shopping outlet for the area. This project will revitalise the previously derelict site of the NIFCO factory, bringing life back to a forgotten plot of land.

The scope of the project:

The initial challenge with this project was the demolition of the previous building which stood very close to the railway line. By working closely with Network Rail, the team was able to achieve this with no disruption despite the demolition taking longer than expected. The project continued on schedule and the new framework was erected with no loss of time.

The new store will be a steel frame fixed to concrete foundations, with a concrete wall acting as a perimeter. ENGIE have also worked closely with the client to maximise the use of alternative building materials, helping this project be cost effective as well as providing a great location for local residents.

What we’ve achieved:

Lidl - Stockton

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