Marsh Farm

Engie is working in partnership with Luton Borough Council on a far-reaching regeneration project, creating not just great new places to live - but also a heart of the community that residents can be proud of.

The scope of the project:

We know it takes more than bricks and mortar to create a healthy, vibrant community. That’s why the Marsh Farm project goes beyond that, with the goal of transforming a previously undesirable area into a model of modern inclusive living.

Working with residents, schools, local suppliers and the unemployed, as well as creating great new places to live, meet, shop and share, ENGIE will build a community with a bright future.

The project will be completed across three phases, including demotion of the current shopping centre and will create 118 modern, energy-efficient homes for rent as well as seven new retail units to boost the local economy.

What we have achieved:

Key features and outcomes:

Luton Borough Council

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