Plymouth University

PlymouthUniversity1Having installed sub-metering at its top 15 campus buildings to identity when and where energy was being consumed, Plymouth University needed a way to gather and analyse the data from these meters, as well as from its many building management systems (BMS) and utility supply companies. It also wanted to find a system that would help it to achieve the ISO50001 energy-management system accreditation.

ENGIE devised a solution using its award-winning online energy-management platform, C3NTINEL®, which fulfilled all of these objectives. C3NTINEL® uses intelligent algorithms to ‘learn’ the normal, or baseline, consumption patterns for the various premises. Any deviations from this expected baseline can indicate a fault or problem, which the system flags up by generating an automated alert.

All of this data is available to university energy and facilities management teams on any internet-connected device.

To view more details about our work with Plymouth University, access the full case study here.