Upgrading to an AMR meter

Thank you for submitting your request for an AMR Meter,

Here’s what will happen next.



Is your meter eligible?

We will check to ensure that your existing meter type is eligible and then send your details to one of our designated AMR installers.

We will contact you when this has been done and let you know who the installer will be, and when you can expect a call from them for the installation to be arranged.

If your meter is not eligible, we will contact you to explain why and we will suggest alternative solutions, such as installing a Smart meter instead.

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Installation appointment

The AMR installer will contact you to arrange an appointment. Need to rearrange? No problem, you can cancel at any time by contacting the AMR installer directly, please provide as much notice as possible.

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Installation day

The AMR installer will present their identification and before accessing the property they will need to ensure someone over the age of 18 years is on site, they are unable to access the property if this is not the case. The installation will take up a couple of hours and the power/gas will be off for 30-45 minutes. For Larger gas companies it may be up to 4 hours. In the unlikely event that any additional work is required, the installer will explain the next steps.


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Installation complete

Once the installation is complete and your meter is working correctly, that’s it! No more sending meter reads and no more estimated bills!