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Businesses face an array of energy and carbon regulations designed to help the UK achieve its environmental targets, including: SECR, ESOS, UK ETS & TM44

The Carbon and Compliance team at ENGIE helps businesses not only to comply with these regulations but also to use the associated data and insights to implement measures that improve efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability.

ENGIE Certify combines our compliance and carbon services into one simple partnership arrangement

It simplifies your regulatory obligations, easing administrative burdens and resource constraints while using compliance-related actions as a gateway to deliver your zero-carbon objectives. The insights we gather on energy performance and carbon emissions provide opportunities to enhance your energy and operational efficiency, reduce costs and minimise carbon emissions for the long term.

Ensure full compliance with industry legislation and good practice

The breadth of expertise available at ENGIE means we can support you with everything from regulatory administration to energy performance analysis and implementing effective carbon-reduction measures.

We can help you achieve ISO50001 certification and even develop and implement a practical roadmap for your transition to net-zero carbon. The extent of the services we provide is determined by your specific business operations and objectives.

For more information about how ENGIE can work with you to achieve your environmental targets contact us on business.marketing.uk@engie.com.

Guiding you through Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR)
Helping you comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
Participate in the UK ETS with ENGIE

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