Digital & Media Solutions

Dynamic energy and facilities service delivery for a fast-moving industry

The digital and media sector is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic in the UK. Data has rapidly become one of the most valuable commodities on earth and the movement of data off-site into the cloud has resulted in the proliferation of vast, energy-hungry data centres in key strategic locations. The challenge for digital organisations is how to manage the increasing need for data storage while mitigating the associated rise in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Reliable, sustainable energy supplies combined with smart building solutions are vital to help these energy-intensive facilities achieve their sustainable, financial and operational objectives. ENGIE, with its integrated facilities management and energy services expertise, can offer the full package of solutions required to meet the priorities of digital and media organisations.

For businesses prioritising their carbon reduction, ENGIE’s zero-carbon transition as-a-service approach designs and delivers tailored zero-carbon road-maps. 

Intelligent facilities management for optimum resource efficiency

Managing and maintaining the premises and assets associated with the digital and media sector requires a responsive, intelligent approach. By using smart technology to remotely monitor assets in your buildings, we can time servicing interventions and pre-emptive repairs appropriately to ensure your systems remain operational at all times.

Our network of mobile technical teams provides a responsive service, facilitated by remote helpdesk support. Our full suite of facilities management services ensures your premises are operated efficiently around the needs of staff and visitors, providing everything from robust security procedures to continuous air-quality monitoring and environmental control optimisation.

Sustainable solutions for reliable energy supplies

Energy is a major cost for digital and media organisations. Data centres, media offices and operation centres must maintain 100% uptime, 24 hours a day – so reliable, sustainable energy supplies are essential. ENGIE has particular expertise in embedded generation, giving organisations their own decentralised energy source to deliver reliable, sustainable energy round-the-clock. Large data centre and warehouse roof spaces are perfect for solar panel installations, backed up by on-site battery storage to provide continuous, secure energy supplies.

Our energy-management expertise and smart building systems enable you to minimise energy spend. LED lighting installation can deliver significant savings, while smart monitoring and control of HVAC systems, lighting and other assets ensures efficiencies are maximised with minimal human intervention.

Why choose ENGIE?

✓ Integrated facilities management and energy services help to achieve zero-carbon, cost-reduction and operational efficiency priorities.

✓ Smart technology-enabled remote monitoring and flexible FM delivery optimises maintenance resources and minimises operational risks.

✓ Embedded generation and battery storage solutions provide reliable, sustainable power for mission-critical facilities.

✓ Energy-efficiency programmes and smart building solutions reduce energy usage and expenditure.


The Zero-Carbon Transition As-A-Service