Education Services

Education Services

Education Services

Making distinctive and long lasting improvements to the organisations we work with, be it within a multi-site university campus or a single primary school.

Our wealth of experience in working with clients in both public and private education is what gives us the knowledge and the know-how to deliver continuous improvement and outstanding results. We deliver services to a wide range of facilities including nurseries, primary and secondary schools right up to colleges, universities and libraries. Each requires different services and different levels and hours of service to satisfy current needs and help deliver exceptional standards of learning.

At ENGIE, we provide environments conducive to academic development and attainment through our experience, in-depth knowledge, a proactive approach, sensitivity to individual client needs, familiarity with the curriculum and an understanding of young and developing minds. We consistently deliver tangible improvements to the well-being, safety and achievement of young people by working at a strategic level, integrating 
solutions to assist with all aspects of your estate and facilities environment, including: 

We operate technical, energy and total facility management services at over 250 education establishments across the UK, from small-scale schools to multi-site university campuses. 

Managing your estate and infrastructure – Every day we ensure education facilities are functional, efficient, clean, safe, and secure for students, staff, and visitors. 

Lifecycle of your building - We are trusted to proactively manage the lifecycle and  building improvement programmes of our customers. 

Reducing energy consumption - We can supply critical utilities or identify and implement efficiency schemes to reduce your costs and carbon emissions.