Turnkey BEMS services – from design and planning to installation and management

The ENGIE BEMS team has a long track record of delivering building control and automation systems for projects of all sizes – from new-build developments to refurbishments, extensions and upgrades to existing premises.

We work closely with specifiers, main contractors and mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineers to develop fully integrated and highly efficient building management systems for projects on any scale.

Devising the right control strategies for your buildings

Our in-house expertise enables us to provide the most flexible service for our clients. Our knowledge of multiple BEMS technologies means we can offer you the most appropriate solutions for your specific needs and budget – giving you all the functionality you need while providing the best return on your investment.

End-to-end service from the BEMS specialists

Our specialists can help you develop the right control and automation strategy for your premises. We will design the complete system, install the necessary control panels and sensors, and connect them to all of your building systems and equipment. We provide all the necessary project management to ensure a smooth, on-time delivery, including pre-commissioning tests, final commissioning and handover.

Remote technology for smarter buildings

Your BEMS solution can include the latest remote monitoring and management technology, helping you to operate smarter buildings with minimal need for manual monitoring and intervention.

Fully integrated systems simplify your building controls

Our project work includes helping you to integrate all your systems into a single, simple control solution. We can integrate and automate controls for of all your plant and equipment, including all heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting assets.

We can also integrate new power sources such as biomass, ground source heat pumps and other on-site energy sources, as well as gathering data from metering across your site so that all equipment and processes can be monitored and controlled centrally.

Control strategies that evolve with your business

Our BEMS specialists will help to continuously review your building control strategy to ensure it remains fit for purpose as your buildings age and your usage requirements change.

Resource-saving remote monitoring for rapid fault detection
Maintenance & Small Works