Remote Services

Resource-saving remote monitoring for rapid fault detection and rectification

To save time and resources in managing your BEMS assets, our engineers can remotely monitor your systems to ensure they are operating efficiently and within expected parameters.

Automated alerts to improve efficiency

Your systems can be programmed to send alerts to our central bureau when predefined triggers are exceeded. It means that if there is a fault with any of your critical building plant or equipment, our engineers will be notified so that appropriate action can be taken.

We can set up alerts to notify us of faults with your boilers, chillers, system pressurisation, air-handling units or pumps. Our engineers will investigate any alarm immediately and, where possible, attempt to fix the problem remotely. If remote rectification is not possible, we will dispatch an engineer to your site to assess and fix the problem.

Don’t allow inefficiencies to go unchecked

Remote monitoring ensures that any faults are identified early so that inefficiencies do not go unchecked. It means that if system controls are changed without authorisation, or if a piece of equipment develops a fault or reverts to default settings, it will not go unnoticed. Our BEMS systems can collect data from sensors and meters across your site to ensure that any setting or control errors are identified immediately.

By intervening at an early stage we can help to prevent any energy wastage from escalating – saving you time and money.

Remote monitoring service to suit your business

As well as our proactive 24-hour remote monitoring service, we can offer a reactive service as part of any maintenance support contract. We provide a remote dialling facility to give you a first line of defence if any problems occur, helping to provide a rapid response to issues as they arise.


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