Energy Efficiency

Choosing to work with ENGIE means choosing to build a relationship with specialists who have the expertise, resources and experience to help you save money, optimise energy use and enhance your sustainability.

Working together to cut your energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions

Whether you are a non-industrial business operating office premises or a manufacturing or industrial organisation operating energy-intensive processes, our expertise and support will help you to achieve your energy and environmental objectives.

Long-term support – from advice to implementation and beyond

Our specialists have the skills and expertise to assess your operations and identify practical, measurable energy-efficiency and facilities management initiatives. These will be targeted to help you reduce costs, cut carbon emissions, operate more efficiently and even earn additional income, depending on the nature of your processes and the targets you need to achieve. Not only that, but we have the specialists to implement any measures we identify, embed them in your business and monitor and refine them over time.

Whether you need an industrial or technical specialist, an auditor or an assessor, a Chartered Engineer or Energy Manager, our team are fully able to address your businesses’ specific requirements.

Services designed around your needs

Our team can tailor services to fit the unique needs of your business. We can provide energy management advice and consultancy, or we can embed our staff within your organisation and take on the full responsibility for managing your businesses’ energy. From energy auditing and consultancy, to metering strategies and implementation, our specialists will identify how to make your energy use more efficient.

We can support your business through every stage of both mandatory and optional compliance schemes, including ESOS and ISO 50001 accreditation. We also specialise in services including wastewater, IPMVP measurement and demand response, and can provide training in all aspects of energy and environmental management.

Guaranteed savings for your business

We have developed three offers to formalise this partnership approach to energy and facilities management, and to set out the guaranteed savings you can expect:

ENGIE Assure saves Grant Thornton 18% of energy costs
ENGIE Partnership identifies £8m of energy saving projects for Yorkshire Water
ENGIE Partnership helps Carlsberg achieve ISO 50001 accreditation