Energy Efficiency

Join the energy specialists to achieve guaranteed energy, carbon and cost savings

ENGIE Partnership is a collaborative relationship between your business and our experienced energy specialists. It gives you access to all the expertise, support and services you need to achieve your carbon-reduction, cost-saving and sustainability targets.

Targeted measures to cut energy costs and carbon footprint

ENGIE will commit to the value of the savings we can identify for your business. The savings proposals will be focused on achieving your specific objectives over an agreed period giving you peace of mind that they will be relevant to your business. These could range from quick-win measures, such as upgrading your lighting, through to longer-term projects such as installing on-site generation. If you choose to implement any of the proposals, ENGIE can deliver the savings with guaranteed performance or simply project manage the delivery through an agreed third party.

Energy contracts and services adapted for your business

Through ENGIE Partnership you will benefit from resources and expertise to reduce your energy use and costs, and enhance your environmental performance. You can access flexible electricity and gas supply contracts, demand-side response services, compliance support and facilities management services.

Regular reviews, monitoring and reporting

You can track your energy usage and progress against savings targets using our online energy-management tool, C3NTINEL. Regular review meetings will report on the progress of energy-saving measures, discuss new initiatives and ensure our support is continuously adapted to your changing needs.

Why choose ENGIE Partnership?

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