ENGIE Discovery

ENGIE Discovery gives you access to all the expertise, support and services you need to achieve your carbon-reduction, cost-saving and sustainability targets. 

Detailed insight and cost-saving opportunities for your business

Combining expertise and data analytics, we identify valuable energy savings opportunities for your organisation. Our services are delivered by a multi-skilled team of professionals, giving you all the resources you need to improve your operational and energy efficiency.

What’s more, our proposals can extend the life of your equipment and increase intervals between planned maintenance, helping to reduce maintenance costs and free-up resources.

Who is it for?

Industrial or commercial organisations looking to understand more about the energy efficiency opportunities specifically available to their business.

How does it work?

Our energy specialists spend time getting ​to know your facilities, objectives and priorities. ​We investigate how your business operates and understand the performance standards required to facilitate optimum operations. ​

We look at your business performance data to ​find out when and how energy is consumed, how ​each business process is controlled and monitored, and how we can improve the quality of the data ​you collect. ​

Using our understanding of your business and the data we have gathered, we identify measures to help you save energy, cost, time, resources and waste.

We set out tangible outcomes for the proposed measures, so you can assess the benefits of our recommendations over agreed periods. 

Spread out the cost

The cost of setting up and developing the savings identification plan is budgeted upfront and split into equal monthly amounts during the contract period.

This helps improve your cash flow, making it more affordable to achieve energy cost savings.

Customer financing

If you already have a set budget for energy cost savings, ENGIE can work with you to develop a savings identification plan which suits your budget.

Both options come with the ENGIE guarantee which means, in the unlikely event we do not identify the promised savings, we will pay you back a share of the fee proportional to the shortfall against our agreed target.

Why choose ENGIE Discovery?

✓ Gain in-depth knowledge ​of your energy use patterns with actionable savings​

✓ Increase affordability of submetering and energy management systems

✓ Extend the life of your assets and reduce maintenance costs

✓ Spread investment cost out over time, improving cash flow during the pay-back period​