Battery Storage

Battery storage solutions from ENGIE help you to save money on your energy bills and earn revenue from grid-balancing services, while ensuring you have uninterrupted power supplies to your business.

On-site power back up with financial benefits

If you want to protect your site from blackouts, voltage dips or other power-quality issues, battery storage solutions from ENGIE can provide all the back-up you need to keep your processes running at all times. But our battery solutions can provide so much more than secure back-up power. We can help you to earn money by participating in National Grid frequency response services, as well as reduce your energy bills by switching from mains to battery power at times of peak energy prices.

How can battery storage benefit your business?

1. Earn money by providing National Grid services

Electricity stored in batteries can provide much-needed flexibility to help National Grid balance network supply and demand. If you have batteries on site, you can participate in dynamic frequency response, the most lucrative National Grid balancing service. Your batteries will be connected directly to the grid and then automatically charged or discharged in response to frequency variations – helping National Grid to maintain control over system frequency. You receive payments from National Grid for participating in this service.

2. Reduce your energy bill

Your batteries can be discharged and recharged remotely by ENGIE in response to price fluctuations. Our specialists can switch your processes from mains to battery power at times of peak electricity prices, such as during DUoS red bands, Triads and Capacity Market charge periods. Reducing your demand from the grid at these times will reduce your energy bills.

3. Ensure security of supply for your site

Your batteries can provide your site with all the instantaneous back-up power you need in the event of power cuts or quality issues. The response time of our batteries is less than 0.9ms (less than one cycle of Alternating Current), which means your processes will be completely uninterrupted by the transfer from mains to battery power.

4. Avoid a grid connection upgrade

If your energy consumption is increasing, you can use stored battery power to reduce peaks in your consumption profile. This could help you avoid the need for a costly upgrade to your contracted capacity with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

Battery solutions designed for your business

Battery storage is suitable for any type of business. Larger batteries above 0.5MW will need to be housed in a unit the size of a standard storage container. Our specialists will carry out a site survey to devise a complete battery solution to meet the needs of your business.

We install the batteries on your site with minimal disruption to your processes. Our battery team will manage your battery assets remotely to meet your ongoing operational requirements. Batteries require very little maintenance, and most ‘health’ checks can be carried out remotely, supplemented by an annual on-site service.

Why choose battery storage from ENGIE?

• Earn income by providing balancing services to National Grid.
• Save on your energy bills by switching to battery power to avoid peak energy prices.
• Provide instantaneous power back-up, assuring you of uninterrupted power to your site.
• Reduce your peak consumption to avoid costly capacity upgrades.
• Low-maintenance, reliable technology that can be managed remotely by ENGIE.

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