Increase in National Grid’s Balancing Use of System (BSUoS) costs - Black Start

Balancing Use of System (BSUoS) is a charge that National Grid levy in order to balance the electricity system and recover the costs incurred as the System Operator. The charge is dependent on all the balancing actions that are completed each half hour.

In 2016 National Grid had to sign additional contracts with electricity generators to secure ‘Black Start’ services which would enable them to re-power the network in case of a black-out. National Grid is recovering the cost of these contracts by revising the BSUoS prices for the period April – September 2016.

July 2017 is the first month suppliers have seen the change and it will continue each month for the next 6 months.

The revised BSUoS prices will be around £0.20/MWh higher than the prices published by National Grid last year.

More information on Black Start can be found on National Grid’s website here.