Standards of Service

In accordance with the Electricity (Standards of Performance) Regulations 2005, the document links below set out the Guaranteed Standards of your electricity distribution company which owns the electricity wires and cables by which electricity is supplied to your premises. Distributors are not responsible for meter reading or billing – your supplier does this.

Ofgem, the industry regulator, sets Customer Guaranteed Standards. If your Distributor fails to meet these Standards you are entitled to receive a payment. Your distributor can either make payments via your electricity supplier or directly to you.

In line with Section 39A (5) of the Electricity Act 1989 (as amended by the Utilities Act 2000), any Guaranteed Standard payments you receive will not prejudice your entitlement to any other remedy or action that may be due to you because of your distributor's failure.

Ofgem has set guidelines for when the Guaranteed Standards may not apply, these are known as exceptional circumstances.

They include events beyond the distributor's control, industrial action, actions by third parties or not being able to gain access to premises and in some cases severe weather. If any of these exemptions are invoked, your distributor will need to demonstrate that it had taken all reasonable steps to prevent the exceptional circumstances occurring and to prevent failure.

On 1 April 2008 changes to the existing suite of Guaranteed Standards of Service for Gas Transportation were introduced. Guaranteed standards of service attract compensation payments for failure to deliver the required level of service, however, consumers have a right to expect predetermined levels of service.

Scotland Gas Standards of Performance

Southern Gas Standards of Performance

Gas Transportation Customer Standards of Service