Our net zero carbon toolbox

ENGIE has invested in ensuring we have the full capabilities to deliver integrated net zero solutions for all businesses and organisations, covering every aspect of your carbon-reduction strategy.

1. Reduction

The simplest way to reduce carbon emissions is to cut your energy consumption. We provide expert energy-management strategies, supported by analysis and monitoring to ensure you consume energy in the most efficient ways possible. Our smart technology systems enable energy-consuming assets to be automated and controlled intelligently – optimising energy consumption 24 hours a day. Through intelligent facilities management, energy efficiency projects and behavioural change programmes, we also ensure best practices are embedded throughout your organisation.

2. Conversion

Converting assets to low-carbon, energy-efficient models and investing in renewable technology are important ways to eliminate carbon from your operations. This could involve converting your fleet to electric vehicles, supported by our own smart EV charging solutions. We can install renewable generation assets on your site to directly supply your premises, backed up by reliable battery storage to ensure you minimise wastage and maximise the value of the energy you generate.

3. Green sourcing

If on-site generation is not viable, sourcing your energy directly from a renewable generator is an excellent option. Corporate power purchase agreements involve a direct supply to your premises from a specific renewable generator. That helps to support the growth of renewable generation in the UK, while providing you with an identified, verifiable source for your renewable energy. Another alternative is to agree a renewable energy supply contract, which guarantees that the energy you buy comes from certified renewable sources.

4. Offsetting

For any remaining carbon emissions that cannot be eliminated by the measures above, we can connect your business with high-quality, certified carbon compensation and conversion schemes. These enable your residual emissions to be offset through a variety of tree-planting and other schemes that benefit local communities and the environment. 

Your net zero partner – with you every step of the way

From analysing and planning through to implementation and ongoing monitoring and certification, ENGIE is with you every step of the way to net zero carbon. Our solutions are integrated and carefully targeted to ensure you achieve the optimum carbon and cost savings in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

If you want to find out how to accelerate your transition to net zero carbon, please get in touch with our sustainability experts.

Is your business fleet doing enough to reach net zero?