Gas Purchase Agreements (GPAs)

Earn regular income from exporting ‘green’ gas

If you run a plant that produces biomethane gas as a by-product, you could earn a regular income by exporting this gas directly to National Grid. Exporting your waste gas is a far more efficient process than burning it to generate electricity.

You will need to install technology to clean, purify and pressurise your gas so it can be injected directly into the gas network. Tried and tested systems are readily available to do this, and can be installed on any type of biomethane-generating plant, from sewage treatment works to anaerobic digestion and waste-recycling plants.

ENGIE was the first energy supplier to develop flexible Gas Purchasing Agreements (GPAs) for green gas, enabling your business to earn an income from the gas you export. We have the expertise and experience to develop a tailored gas purchase contract for your business.

You can choose an index-linked contract to earn competitive market rates every day – or a fixed-price contract so you can budget with certainty. All you need to provide is a forecast of your expected output. ENGIE administers the relationship with National Grid and manages all balancing services on your behalf.

If ENGIE is also your gas supplier, we can create innovative ‘netting’ arrangements that give you a better deal for both imported and exported gas – allowing you to effectively ‘self-supply’ your site.

ENGIE can also buy Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO) certificates and retire them on your behalf.

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