Introducing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Maximise your income from electricity generation assets

Whether you are a dedicated energy generator or a business with generation assets on your sites, you need Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to enable you to earn payments for the energy you export to the grid. The bespoke PPA contracts offered by ENGIE are designed to suit every type of generation plant, business model, operational practice and objective.

PPAs for new-build generation plants

If you’re a generator setting up a new plant, ENGIE is one of the few energy suppliers with the knowledge and experience required to draw up long-term Power Purchase Agreements, providing the essential payment guarantees and security required by investors and finance providers. Your long-term PPA will provide income assurances for up to 20 years, or as long as required by your investors. It will guarantee payments for all output from your plant. Long-term PPAs can also be drawn up for existing plants that require ongoing payment assurances.

Versatile contracts to optimise your earnings 

If you are a business with generation assets on your sites, whether solar, wind, CHP, anaerobic digestion or any other technology, ENGIE offers a range of short-term PPAs that enable you to optimise the income you earn from these assets.

If you export regular, predictable volumes to the grid, you can benefit from fixed price contracts to give you a regular income each month, or choose flexible contracts to access market-reflective prices. If you only occasionally export a surplus to the grid, you can benefit from our market price-related ‘spill’ contracts that simply pay you whenever you export any excess electricity.

Contracts compatible with all subsidy schemes

ENGIE has the expertise to provide PPA contracts that are compatible with the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme, Feed in tariff (FiT) and other government subsidy schemes for renewable generators. For CfD participants, ENGIE will ensure that the agreed Reference Price with the LCCC, whether IMRP or BMRP is matched in your PPA. 

Earn revenue from renewable energy certificates

If you generate renewable electricity that qualifies for ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates), you can earn additional income by selling these to ENGIE. As an energy supplier, we provide a route to market for these certificates, taking care of all contractual arrangements on your behalf.

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