ENGIE Harmony Project

Contributing to Harmonious Progress

As a leader in energy and services, ENGIE is shaped to deliver the individual requirements of our customers – but in a way that also benefits wider society and the environment.

ENGIE unites the best expertise with imagination to lead a powerful collective action. We imagine solutions for companies, buildings, and homes, empowering individuals and communities.

By reconciling individual and collective interest ENGIE provides solutions that combine performance and responsibility. Solutions that empower people to contribute to a more harmonious world

#ENGIEHarmonyProject is a series of global initiatives that brings harmonious progress to life. Each initiative is the result of blending ENGIE’s expertise with the know-how of a partner. Startups, artists, farmers, collaborators… together, we imagine, build, and deploy innovations that shape a more harmonious future.

Find out more about #ENGIEHarmonyProject on the dedicated website here.

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