Helping businesses and consumers embrace a low carbon lifestyle

“ENGIE and EV-Box share a common vision for electric mobility and the combination of our capabilities provides a rare opportunity to create a leading end-to-end electric vehicle solution for homes, businesses and entire communities.” Robin Heap, ENGIE.

"With the development of a new generation of charging solutions and software as well as with the backing of ENGIE, we have all the ingredients to claim a worldwide leading position and bring our solution to millions of customers.” Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO at EV-Box.

The partner: 



United Kingdom

The project brief:

The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly as costs come down, performance improves and an attractive new generation of vehicles enters the market. ENGIE combined its energy and services capabilities with market leader EV Box’s leading technology, helping kickstart the electric vehicle revolution by providing businesses and consumers across the UK with easy access to electric vehicle charging points.

The solution:

ENGIE is committed to helping reduce air pollution in towns and cities across the UK and the combination of enabling customers to move towards travel solutions that are less CO2 emitting, less polluting and more fluid. Acquiring EV Box has allowed ENGIE to roll out an end-to-end solution including the cost effective manufacture and installation of ENGIE 3.7kw charging points to businesses, local authorities and customers in their homes. Alongside this, they have unveiled a new green electricity tariff which will offer individuals 100% renewable electricity and free driving miles exclusively to EV drivers.

A harmonious outcome:

With EV Box already deploying 50,000 charging stations across 20 countries, the acquisition of the company has marked an important step forward for ENGIE’s plans to facilitate the development of clean mobility for customers in the UK. By working with EV Box, ENGIE is taking an important role in reducing air pollution in towns and cities across the UK, helping create a cleaner, more renewable future for us all.

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