Using green energy to create the UK’s first carbon-neutral speculative office development

“The Blantyre Muir project marks an important step forward in making renewable energy a viable and cost effective option for businesses. Through the unique collaboration between ENGIE, the public sector and the business park, the project has provided the opportunity for a major business park to be powered by 100% green energy and has led to further economic investment in the local area.”Rob Tate, Renewables Development Director, ENGIE UK & Ireland 

The partner:

Blantyre Muir Wind Farm


South Lanarkshire, Scotland

The project brief:

Blantyre Muir is a six-turbine wind farm which became operational in 2014. The project is a pioneering collaboration between a renewable energy generator, the public-sector and a major business park owner, and saw ENGIE providing a long-term contractual supply of cost-effective, low carbon and 100% wind energy for consumers.

The solution:

Following a series of commitments and undertakings between ENGIE, HFD Group and South Lanarkshire Council, up to 100% of the renewable electricity generated by the wind farm was made available to businesses and occupiers within Hamilton International Park (HIP). Through a bespoke power purchase agreement with ENGIE’s Energy Supply Division, businesses and occupiers were able to track and trace the renewable electricity they consume from the wind farm through the ‘Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin’ (REGO) scheme.

A harmonious outcome:

The supply of renewable energy to HIP resulted in the creation of EcoCampus, the UK’s first carbon neutral speculative office development, and has provided enough green energy to power the entire Park. In addition, an innovative agreement with South Lanarkshire Council means that the supply of renewable electricity from the wind farm is able to improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of commercial buildings on the Park, resulting in significant interest from businesses who have a CSR commitment to being carbon neutral, green and sustainable.

Not only has the partnership led to a harmonious outcome for the partners in the project, but this innovative collaboration has far reaching potential to be replicated throughout the UK, assisting both the deployment of renewable energy and promoting inward economic investment.

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