Charging for workplaces

Charging for workplaces

Support your employees in the transition to EV with workplace charging

With best-in-class expertise and experience, we can provide the perfect EV charging solution for your workplace. We have developed a range of bespoke solutions for organisations such as Mercedes Benz, Microsoft and Ford.

Installing electric vehicle charging facilities at your workplace can have significant benefits to both your organisation and your employees:

Benefits to employees
Encourage your employees to make the transition to EV by installing a trusted charging network at your workplace. Not only will it position you as a responsible employer, you’ll also be able to offer discounted charging as an employee benefit.

Enhance your business offering
Providing electric vehicle charging facilities increases your reputation not only with employees, but visitors and customers. It helps to position you as an environmentally conscious business and improves your on-site experience.

Reduce your carbon footprint
By installing EV charging, you can encourage employees to switch to an electric vehicle which can help to collectively reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your low carbon objectives.

Plus, there are government grants available
With the Government’s Workplace Charging Grant, you can claim up to £14,000 towards the cost of installing EV charging at your workplace. We can support you through the process – get in touch with us for more information.