Document Management Services

Create a GDPR-complaint, paper-light workplace to reduce costs, release real estate and unlock vital data

Document management services from ENGIE help businesses, local authorities and large organisations to minimise paper use, eliminate paper archives and release valuable real estate. But more than that, our advanced systems and technology, combined with our deep expertise, can significantly improve operational efficiency, streamline processes, reduce costs and provide easy access to important data. They also go a long way to ensuring full compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

As total facilities management specialists, we can incorporate document management services into a complete operational programme for your organisation, managing the transition from paper to digital, while delivering a host of smart services that introduce significant efficiencies, resource savings and carbon reductions.

Our services includes:

Records conversion

Converting archived paper records into digital documents is a huge undertaking for any organisation. Our technology can scan archived records and extract vital information for storage in secure digital databases. BIP0008 compliance means that scanned documents are permissible for use in legal proceedings, so all paper records can be safely destroyed. This not only frees up real estate, it also releases information previously locked away in archived records.

Virtual mailroom

Our virtual mailroom services convert inbound paper mail into digital documents and information. Your virtual mailroom can be housed on your premises or off-site in our own secure facilities. Incoming mail is opened, scanned and important information extracted and delivered digitally to recipients via a routing system. The original document is also scanned, so it is available for viewing if required.

Virtual post room

Eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of printing, franking and dispatching your outgoing mail. Our virtual post room collates, bulk produces and sorts your outgoing mail before sending it to your mail delivery company – reducing the cost of mailing by up to half. In addition, our system automatically identifies which letters need to be printed and which can be sent by email, according to recipients’ stated preferences.

Digital mailroom

Our digital mailroom service automatically manages internal mail distribution within your organisation. This can be a secure cloud-based solution, allowing employees to access mail from any location, for example, while working at home or travelling.

Virtual data room

This cloud-based document repository offers encrypted access to confidential documents. It allows permitted individuals to interrogate documents in a secure online environment. Only authorised individuals will be able to view the documents, via a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Why choose ENGIE?

✓  Improve business processes – 22% increase in productivity.

✓  Reduce long-term physical storage costs – reduce real estate by up to 30%.

✓ Improve knowledge-sharing and data-search capabilities.

✓ Increase ease and speed of access to documents.

✓ Ensure GDPR compliance.

✓ Establish a low-carbon, paper-light environment.

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