Maintenance Services

Maintenance and management services backed by smart buildings technology

ENGIE offers a full range of hard facilities management services. From operation and maintenance services to critical engineering and asset management, our specialists will keep your facilities running smoothly and efficiently to support your organisation.

Enhance FM performance with technology on your side

Our hard FM services go beyond simple planned and reactive maintenance, using technology to manage your buildings and facilities in more intelligent and resource-efficient ways. Our remote-monitoring technology can track the performance and efficiency of any building assets, with no need for manual intervention. It can be used to direct engineers to potential issues before they develop into a fault, saving on repair costs and avoiding the risk of damage or disruption. It also enables us to diagnose problems remotely and to allocate maintenance resources in the most efficient way.

Optimise cost and resource efficiency

The delivery of maintenance services is supported by our computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) software, which tracks, manages, allocates and monitors all maintenance jobs. Supported by the CAFM app on engineers’ hand-held devices, it’s a fast, convenient and efficient way to ensure work is allocated to the right people quickly and effectively, optimising the available workforce.

Applying this smart technology is essential in helping organisations to meet the challenges of managing large buildings and workforces, while remaining competitive in a fast-changing world.

Our solutions can incorporate the following hard FM services:

Operation and maintenance – planned preventative and reactive maintenance services to maximise system efficiency and minimise downtime.

Critical engineering – including risk prevention and avoidance, developing resilient systems and processes, risk reporting and business continuity planning.

Fabric maintenance – extending the life of your assets with on-site handyman services or a network of mobile tradespeople.

Building systems management – designing, building, financing, operating, maintaining and improving building control systems.

Refrigeration and cooling – using innovative, non-invasive technology to fine-tune your systems for optimum performance.

Automation and process systems – using real-time data and web-based technology to optimise process controls and deliver continuous improvements.

Installation and projects – turn-key project management, from design and construction to commissioning and post hand-over support.

Asset management – policies and strategies to ensure asset maintenance complies with statutory requirements and meets agreed budgets.

Integrated total facilities management solutions
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