Asset management

Asset lifecycle costs form a large part of the annual spend of any business. However, a lack of strategy, poor maintenance or inappropriate maintenance activities can increase costs and downtime. Good asset management and maintenance ensures compliance with statutory requirements and controls spending to agreed budgets.

ENGIE’s experience of long-term partnerships across many industry sectors and our significant technical resources enable us to quickly identify high energy consumption processes and maintenance activities that impact your profitability. Using our Optimise™ program and the expertise of our energy-management teams we can create appropriate benchmarking and improvement plans.

Assess and develop policy and strategy

Our specialists can help you to balance cost and risk in your selection of maintenance options, to ensure you choose the optimum path. For example, for a low-risk, low-cost item that is easy to replace, it may be better to run the equipment to failure rather than spend hundreds of pounds testing and predicting the breakdown.

Key activities:

Asset condition surveys

Following the criticality study and condition surveys, ENGIE uses a number of maintenance techniques tailored to your individual business needs. The studies are performed by our specialist service teams.