Why partner with us?

Our fully integrated FM services help you to optimise your resources, reduce costs, improve safety, and reduce your carbon footprint whilst creating people-first building(s).

The workplace is changing, and organisations and their buildings need to adapt to manage the demands of the future. One key role of facilities managers is to support the people who use the buildings whatever their role or requirements.

We use the latest mobile and smart buildings technology to manage and deliver our services in the most cost and resource-efficient way.

Our partnership approach allows us to deliver continuous improvements that provide long-term benefits for your organisation.

In the UK, & Ireland, all of ENGIE’s activity in technical services & facilities management, energy efficiency and regeneration are now part of EQUANS. The new entity also includes specialist energy related capabilities: smart buildings, green mobility, district & embedded energy and decentralised renewables.  

Working in partnership to tackle your business challenges

Our specialist have the resources, skills and expertise to offer the full range of facilities management and maintenance services. But we offer much more than that. In a rapidly changing world, we recognise that businesses are facing huge challenges to remain competitive as they try to manage rising labour costs, the pace of technological change and the costs of managing large property portfolios. That’s why we offer more than a simple shopping list of facilities management services. We offer fully integrated solutions that combine facilities and energy services to address the specific challenges facing your organisation.

Our in-house management expertise enables us to assess your challenges, understand your business priorities and develop intelligent, multi-service solutions to help you optimise your resources, reduce costs, minimise your carbon footprint and create comfortable, safe and inspiring workplaces.

Harnessing technology to optimise efficiency

At the core of any solution we devise is advanced technology, whether that’s intelligent data analysis software to help you boost efficiency and minimise waste, or digital helpdesk technology to ensure your resources are deployed in the most efficient and effective ways.

The application of technology is radically transforming the FM market. Our technology solutions help facilities managers to control building operations and utility consumption with greater precision – optimising efficiency with minimal manual intervention.

Guaranteeing energy savings for your organisation

EQUANS can offer you a guaranteed reduction in energy expenditure by implementing innovative energy-efficiency and optimisation measures, which deliver long-term sustainability benefits. We use our on-site FM teams to help deliver these energy efficiencies, improved controls and behavioural change.

Integrated total facilities management solutions
Helping your organisation to grow with outsourced support services
Maintenance and management services backed by smart buildings technology