Smart Buildings

At ENGIE we are committed to using our capabilities to help your businesses implement ‘smart’ strategies for a secure and sustainable future.

We have a wide choice of stand-alone or integrated solutions that harness the latest technologies and innovations and are designed to help you optimise the efficiency of your buildings and operational processes so your workplaces are more connected and responsive.

We can design sustainable solutions to deliver your desired outcomes- creating smarter buildings that work for you.

Smarter buildings are good for business

We can help you optimise the operation of your buildings to deliver:

 Improved occupant comfort 

  A reduction in energy consumption and energy costs

  Improved health and wellbeing for employees and visitors 

 Improve productivity and operational efficiency 

  Reduction in carbon footprint

  A more agile environment

Smart services available from ENGIE

Our tailored solutions are based upon the gathering of information relating to building and energy use, occupancy, temperature, asset condition and other key data. This is used to take necessary action to develop an optimised workspace, creating a better digital and sustainable environment.

To find out more about our smart buildings solutions and how we can help you, contact us now.

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