ENGIE Connect

Start your journey towards a smarter more efficient building

With ENGIE Connect our Smart Buildings specialists will work with your business to improve performance for a smarter, more efficient building.

We will provide the expertise, innovative technology, support and services you need to deliver improved performance, efficiency and better working environments for your buildings and workplaces.

Our ENGIE Connect service involves:

Information gathering and discovery process
We will work with you to understand your site, your existing data availability
and what you require from your data. From this we will create a technical and building assessment and develop a proposal to help you meet your needs.

Data collection and analysis

Using our Smart Buildings Analytics platform, C3NTINEL, we can provide easy access to granular data on an ongoing basis.C3NTINEL allows for intuitive data analytics and seamlessly integrates multiple data sources including, IoT, BMS, energy, assets, weather and production data into one platform. The outcomes can better inform operations, occupant health and wellbeing, predictive maintenance, asset life extensions, energy efficiency and compliance. The data gives you confidence in business case development and focus of action, whilst providing you with necessary impact assessment and reliable performance reporting.

Delivering connected solutions

We offer a number of hardware devices from simple non-intrusive load monitoring solutions, through to a complete sub-metering solution.

Through these solutions you can monitor and track building performance, gather insight and reports and identify any patterns changes or faults to ensure you continue to deliver maximum operational efficiencies. We will identify any efficiency and cost saving recommendations and ensure any solutions implemented continually adapt to your needs.

Why choose ENGIE Connect?

✓ Have greater visibility of your building and its performance

✓ Drive performance improvements

✓ Identify cost reduction opportunities including targeting energy savings initiatives

✓ Build informed business cases

✓ Minimise any financial risk of inefficient operations

✓ Consolidate data into a single platform for increased efficiency and improved performance