Cleaning services

We employ more than 7,000 cleaners who service everything from aircraft hangers to executive lounges, schools to power stations. Our cleaners use the latest technologies to provide first-class cleaning at a market-leading price.

We are committed to innovation and excellence in cleaning. To maintain our position as the leading cleaning supplier in the facilities management industry, we have introduced a number of measures:


Our people are our most important resource. We think it’s incredibly important to invest in our people and have established our own British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) accredited training centres, allowing us to qualify all of our cleaning staff to the highest standards.

Bespoke training

In addition to this certificate, we provide training in other aspects of cleaning, such as biohazard handling. Our cleaners are trained in all relevant legislation and standards, ensuring full regulatory compliance at all times.

Meeting KPIs

We will discuss and agree KPIs with you. These will be specific, objective and measurable to ensure compliance, identify and fill gaps in procedures and be included in monthly reports.


Our cleaning supervisors monitor the service on a frequent basis using handheld tablets with leading audit software Cleanlink, measuring performance against bespoke service standards.


We constantly look for ways to improve our service. Recent initiatives include the introduction of Airforce hand dryers, Twister floor pad systems, chemical-free cleaning, flow saver and eco-shield water-reduction systems. Throughout your contract we will look to identify additional areas for improvement.

Washroom services

Through our network of specialists we provide feminine hygiene, nappy bins, clinical waste bins, hand dryers, washroom vending machines and air fresheners.

Laundry services

We manage your laundry services for domestic and protective clothing, including, for example, providing towels on a day-to-day basis.