Security & vehicle parking

The car-parking services you provide create an important first impression for your visitors, members of the public and potential clients, as well as presenting potential revenue streams.

Our automated and remote-monitoring services make ENGIE the ideal partner to manage and deliver car-park access, control and income-generation services.

ENGIE vehicle parking solutions are designed to meet all relevant regulations on traffic flow and pedestrian movement, while providing a safe environment for all car-park users. We provide a full range of services including permit administration, parking code enforcement, traffic management and cash collection.


ENGIE has Park Mark Accreditation, awarded jointly by the Police and the British Parking Association. We are also recipients of the Safer Parking Award, which sets very high standards for parking facilities, aimed at reducing crime or maintaining a non-threatening environment.

Approved operators

We are members of the Approved Operators Scheme, part of the British Parking Association. This scheme was created to satisfy the DVLA’s requirements for access to its vehicle registration database. It is the industry-recognised badge of authenticity and legitimacy.

Implementing best practice

We always strive to deliver the very best service to all our customers, and so regularly monitor and evaluate our parking strategy and objectives. Along with reviewing customer feedback, we use this to improve aspects of our service and ensure they meet all requirements.

Innovative solutions

We have managed change of car-park management systems to provide more cost-effective and efficient processes for our clients. Possible changes are wide ranging and can include introducing new technology, such as automatic number plate recognition software to assist with permit management. We have support from an independent car-park management consultancy that can offer specialist advice on optimising income.


We have introduced a gain-share system, which enables us to share revenue generated by any increased service uptake with our clients.