Ipswich Branch Helping The Community

No. 1 in the Sustainable FM Index, ENGIE's purpose is to improve the lives of the communities and customers that we serve.

As part of this commitment, ENGIE installed a defibrillator at Gunton Community Primary school in Norfolk on 17 July, free of charge. This provides immediate 24/7 public access to the defibrillator – a real benefit to the local community. ENGIE installed another defibrillator, free of charge, at Leiston Children’s Centre in Suffolk on 20 July.

ENGIE manages over 150 individual contracts in the East Anglia region covering Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Essex. The 100 strong team maintain over 500 buildings with services including pre-planned, reactive and building works, mechanical and engineering and biomass boiler installation/maintenance.

ENGIE is happy to offer free installation of defibrillators to any school in the East Anglia region, please contact Susan Broadwater at susan.broadwater@engie.com for more information.