Applying the COVID spirit to climate change

17th June 2020

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Nicola Lovett, CEO of ENGIE UK and Ireland, praises the scale of cooperation and coordination shown by organisations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and suggests a similar approach is needed to tackle climate change.

“One unforeseen but welcome side effect of the lockdowns is the glimpse of green it has afforded, with lower carbon emissions significantly reducing pollution levels, improving air quality, and slowing the pace of global warming,” she observes. “As we rebuild, we must harness the learnings from COVID-19, putting zero carbon at the heart of the economic recovery to ensure an even greater global crisis is avoided”.

Noting that the UK’s carbon emissions fell by 31% after lockdown, Nicola asserts that these emissions should not be allowed to return to previous levels as the lockdown is lifted. To that end, she calls for the UK Government to make energy management a climate commitment with a programme of retrofitting offices, public buildings and local authority homes.

“Technology and collaboration are key ingredients. With flexible energy supply, smart technology, and a willingness to drive change from corporates, councils and communities – everything is possible. There will be no vaccine for climate change, so we must be much more effective in the containment phase. The health crisis has shown us a glimpse of what is possible when we come together to defeat a common threat,” she concludes.

The full article can be downloaded HERE.