Covid19: Supporting the nation’s energy supply

Reliable energy supplies have been vital to the nation’s Covid-19 response, powering critical processes in healthcare and vital industries as well as aiding digital communications. The resilience of energy generation infrastructure has therefore played a pivotal role in meeting the challenges of the pandemic.

Business continuity plans instigated by ENGIE have ensured that all our energy generation sites are continuing to operate - helping to meet the needs of essential UK infrastructure, supply chains, homes and businesses.

Flexible response to electricity demand peaks and troughs

ENGIE’s First Hydro 2GW pumped storage facility in North Wales continues to provide essential flexible generation to the National Grid. On-site measures have included zoned working, changed shift patterns and introduction of on-call systems to reduce onsite staff numbers and support social distancing.

With many of the nation’s industrial users reducing output during the pandemic, the nation has experienced reductions in demand for electricity: during this time, First Hydro continues to help National Grid maintain electricity system frequency by pumping when required - increasing demand on the grid. 

Supporting UK energy industry partners

ENGIE also continues to provide services to wider energy industry partners. At the Sullom Voe oil & gas terminal in the Shetland Islands, ENGIE staff are now working a revised shift pattern to support social distancing and ensure continued 24/7 output from the site’s 100MW energy centre. The energy centre powers the terminal, which in turn services production from oilfields in the North Sea and Shetland Basin; it also provides a significant portion of the Island’s energy demands through an export link into the local distribution network.

Facilities management and specialist technical support services continue to be provided to EDF Energy which underpin the operation of its eight nuclear power stations across the UK.

Powering vital industries and community energy customers

ENGIE’s embedded generation teams have adapted quickly to ensure the continuity of resilient energy supply to UK industrial facilities through localised generation plant. The facilities supported nationwide include manufacturers of food, pharmaceutical products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as energy chain businesses.

ENGIE continues to operate several district energy schemes in UK cities and for its community energy users, has moved swiftly to support a new consumer protection agreement, agreed by members of the Heat Networks Industry Council to protect customers who have been impacted by the Covid-19 response, maintaining their supplies regardless of circumstances.