Data at the heart of an FM revolution

Technology and digitalisation are making data a valuable commodity for those FMs who are willing to adapt to the realities of a commoditised, cost-focused environment. In a recent article for Premises & Facilities Management (PFM) magazine, ENGIE’s Nicola Lovett looks at the future opportunities for FM providers.

“Advances in technology are one of the greatest threats to the traditional facilities management approach, but also one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in the sector,” she observes. “Businesses today are looking for more transparent, innovative FM solutions, and for providers that can adapt quickly to business and technology changes.

“They want providers that can help them meet their regulatory requirements, but with the flexibility to provide personalised services that are tailored to their working environments. They also want to do this with providers that can use smart technology to offer on-demand FM services, rather than the routine, diarised FM provision of the past,” Nicola continues.

Within the article she discusses the transition to ‘data as a service’ solutions, noting that the traditional integrated FM model is transforming into an integrated ‘data’ model. This, in turn, will drive an ‘on-demand’ approach to FM delivery, rather than traditional scheduled service delivery contracts.

These changes are also linked to the development of smart buildings, Nicola observes. “Smart building technology is now becoming established in the FM sector, and can be a key tool for facilities managers. But maximising the benefits of the data and insights provided by this technology requires a joined-up approach that combines both facilities and energy management,” she suggests.

Each of these areas, along with potential solutions to the underlying challenges are discussed in more detail in the full article, which can be read here.

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