Delivering FM with purpose

1st October 2018

In a recent white paper, published by, ENGIE Corporate Responsibility Director Jamie Quinn has called for companies in the service industry to devote more effort to showcasing their examples of best practice.

They should also be highlighting the wider benefits that responsible service providers provide beyond their day-to-day activities, he suggests.

“The last 5-10 years have seen some significant changes in the expectations of stakeholders,” Mr Quinn observes. “In particular, ‘big business’ is becoming an active player in global issues such as climate change and social inequalities. This means that businesses are more focused on how services are delivered, rather than simply looking for the cheapest commodity option,” he continues.

Noting that the FM sector’s customers expect to be well-informed by their service delivery partners, he emphasises the need for companies to have a clearly defined purpose, illustrating this by explaining ENGIE’s purpose definition: “In the case of ENGIE, our purpose has been defined as ‘improving lives through better living and working environments’. From the executive board to the staff delivering services on customers’ premises, we all have a role to play. In fact, such a purpose can only be achieved with the support of all our staff who will be reviewed on how they help to deliver the company’s purpose as part of the appraisal process.”

Delivering the purpose, he asserts, necessitates more focus on leadership rather than management – getting people to make an emotional investment in something they believe in. He then goes on to the provide a number of examples of where ENGIE’s leadership has delivered on the purpose and added value for a number of customers.

The article can be read on page 41 of whitepaper: Workplace Futures 2018 - FM: Adding Value